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Do you have a missing teeth? You need implants to fix your dental issue. We are the best Dental Implants specialist in Austin, Texas.

The Best Dental Implants in Austin Texas

Austin dental implants

Dental Implants look and feel completely natural.

Tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, genetics and substance abuse – all of these are common factors that have been known to contribute to millions of adults around the world losing their teeth at one point or another in their lives.

Whatever the cause, though, there is one solution that exists today to help return your smile to its rightful condition and allow you to truly feel whole again – dental implants austin.


What Are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are artificial teeth that are designed to both mimic and replace any teeth you have lost for whatever reason in your life. Capable of replacing either a single tooth or multiple teeth, Austin dental implants are individually placed atop metal screws that are surgically implanted into your bone structure. These imitate tooth roots and allow for the Dental Implants Austinimplant crown to remain in place for a prolonged period of time.

Often requiring multiple procedures to complete (both for the implanting of the metal post as well as the application of the implant crown), dental implants Austin can sometimes be a time-consuming process for some patients to endure as their body heals and adjusts to the implant taking root. Nevertheless, the overall long-term benefits of them far outweigh the costs associated with them and can help you significantly in many different ways.


Jaw and Gum Health

As teeth are removed, our gums and bone structures surrounding the area of the missing tooth naturally reduce over time – a situation that is particularly noticeable in cases where multiple teeth are missing from the same area. Individuals using either bridges or dentures commonly face this problem, particularly with recession of the jaw bone.

Dental implants can represent natural teeth and prevent both gum and bone deterioration from occurring, helping you protect your oral health much more efficiently than either Dental Implants Austinbridges or dentures would allow.

If you are considering receiving implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaar at Elite Dentistry today to see if dental implants may be right for you and how you might go about the process of receiving them.

If possible, it is best to do this sooner rather than later in order to prevent any potential damage caused by missing teeth from progressing to the point where more complex treatments will be necessary to ensure your overall well being.

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