Cosmetic Dentist Austin

Cosmetic Dentist Austin TXCosmetic Dentist Austin TX

If you’re not satisfied with your smile, then you are in the right place with the right Austin Cosmetic Dentist AustinCosmetic Dentist. Dr. Kaar understands the importance of an attractive, healthy smile and is here to help you ensure that is exactly what you have.

There are a number of treatments that can be used today that can help you repair or improve your teeth and help give you the confidence you deserve to truly let your smile shine. Some of the processes available include:

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Teeth Whitening Austin TX

While some whitening products are available in stores throughout the country and can help you remove stains to improve your teeth’s natural shine, these can take time to fully Teeth Whitening Austin TXcomplete and may be dangerous.

For more immediate and natural results, a visit to our dentist office for professional Austin teeth whitening by Dr. Kaar can help you remove unwanted stains and build-up from your teeth in order to truly give you a dazzling smile.

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Dental Bonding in Austin, TX

With the ability to repair minor problems with teeth such as chips, cracks, gaps or other Cosmetic Dentist Austin TXissues, dental bonding is a quick and generally painless process that applies a special resin to your teeth to mimic your natural tooth color and help repair issues while protecting your teeth from further damage.

A process that Dr. Kaar is incredibly familiar with, dental bonding is generally less expensive than other options, such as veneers, and sometimes more appropriate.

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Austin, TX Veneers

Cosmetic Dentist AustinPopular alternatives to dental bonding, veneers are made from a porcelain compound and fit over your teeth to correct issues and protect them from stains and harm.

Longer lasting and more durable than dental bonding, dental veneers can remain in place for up to 10 years to help make sure your smile is always at its best.


Porcelain Crowns 

If your teeth are suffering from extensive damage or decay (such as a broken tooth from an accident or extensive tooth decay caused by cavities), a dental crown from a cosmetic dentist in Austin can be an effective solution for you.

Available in a number of different compounds from metal to tooth-like porcelain and porcelain bonded metal, crowns can effectively repair extensive damage and correct issues often without needing repair or replacement for 5 to 15 years.

Best Cosmetic Dentist Austin TX

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Dental Implants Austin, TX

Are you suffering from a missing tooth or need a tooth to be removed due to a dental issue? Dental implants can help you both fix your smile while preventing further damage to your teeth at the same time.

Fitted on top of a surgically implanted post, dental implants Austin are designed to have Dental Implants Austinboth the look and feel of natural teeth without needing to worry about damaging any surrounding teeth in the process of having a dental bridge installed.

Additionally, Austin dental implants have proven to be more effective than alternative solutions, such as partial dentures or bridges in helping to protect your gums from further decay while preventing bone loss due to missing teeth. This is all while giving you a natural look for up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance (similar to what you would do for normal teeth).

As a highly experienced Austin Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Kaar will weigh all the available options and determine which one is most suited to your personal situation. A financial plan can then be worked out as well as a treatment plan based on your budget and schedule.

Don’t keep living day after day with an unattractive smile. Get that confidence that you deserve and let Dr. Kaar, the best cosmetic dentist in Austin, make your smile more breathtaking than ever!

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